Introducing Smart Move Tape.

Smart Move is proud to introduce our new line of Labeling Tapes, now with Contents. Our new design will make it even easier to organize all of your Moving or Storage items inside and out. Allowing you to Label Faster, Unload Quicker and Find items sooner.

Our room specific contents are already printed on each room roll, allowing you to simply check any items that are inside your boxes. This will help you find items quickly when you move into your new home or when you need to get something out of your storage unit.

Plus, with Smart Move, you can be as organized as you want to be. Simply tape your boxes and mark all the items that apply or take your organization to a whole new level by using our new content sheets. All you need to do is number your boxes in the space provided and write down a detailed description for all of your items on the line provided. Then, use the content sheets to find absolutely anything that you are looking for instantly.

Smart Move Tapes

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